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 Acrobatics consists of learning skills that will help the dancer become more flexible. Dancers will learn tricks, such as Cartwheels, front and back walk overs, aerials and more!


 Dancers learn to move at a faster pace with upbeat music.  Jazz focuses on strength, flexibility, emotions and showing off  one's  personality.  Many of the steps learned in ballet class can be incorporated into jazz combinations.


 Ballet  is designed for dancers that wish to learn the structure of a classical dance.  Students will learn the basic foundations of the ballet barre exercises and the center exercises.  Students will develop their posture and their technique.  This class is essential for students  interested in becoming a well  rounded dancer.  

Creative Dance

 The Kinder Combo class is for dancers ages 3-5 years old.  It is especially designed to fulfill the needs of the  younger  student.  Children will listen to Disney songs and  learn to use  props associated with the  Disney stories.  Children will also be taught an introduction to Acrobatics.  Children are encouraged to perform in our annual recital.

     Prestige Dance Acade​my​


Technique class is solely designed to work on certain dance skills such as stretch, turns and jumps.  This class does not include a dance combination at the end of the class and does not perform in the recitals.  

Description of Classes

 Lyrical/ Contemporary

Dancers will learn how to become graceful and use their movements to express their emotions.  Dancers will also use their skills to show their technique with their extensions, turn combinations, flexibility, etc.